My work often begins with a question, a quest—

reading, writing down thoughts, keeping notebooks—computer research, and iPad notes / images.

Seeing the potential of collaboration and the energy it gives to all involved,

enables me to give up partial control, to enjoy the process, the depth that is within, and to continue work into my eighties.

For the past twenty years I have studied French philosophy and for the past five, I have focused on the concepts of French philosopher, Gilles Deleuze. For me, his concepts give a visual impulse. I can see myself as a tiny pixel on an enormous screen or “plane of immanence” doing my best to be the most of who I am.

My most recent work focuses on

PATTERNS IN TIME: Becoming…Being..Disappearing.


Disappearing is not something to be dreaded, but to be recognized as an invisible  part of a multi-layered plane of energy. Coincidences are recognized as interactions with positive energies between the visible and invisible. My current prints and assemblages, made in tandem with Jesse Akers, map these lines of transition and connection.

My art is not about me; it is about you and what you can make of it.

How do you look at a three-dimensional map?


OUT as different than IN?

When the curious are grouped together, they create an unimaginable energy

— a gift to the world.