art architecture

Inspired by the ateliers in Europe, artXarchitecture [est. 1995 by Patricia Boinest Potter with Christoph Kling – architect in Zürich, Switzerland ] operates as a collaborative experimental space.

In our studio we live and work in a virtual treehouse – a three-dimensional map of a multi-dimensional space. The treehouse, designed by Pat in collaboration with Julian Jenkins constructed in 1975, extends from the side of a hill known as Booger Hollow. The depth and density of the hollow immerses one within the natural processes of this environment – a descent reflective of our own exploration of place and understanding of intention.

Much like the layers included in our works, we see the contributions of our collaborators, past and present, as links that build upon and sustain the creative territory of the virtual studio. Our creations are glimpses into a world of visual philosophy based on concepts of Gilles Deleuze, Elizabeth Grosz and John Rajchman to name a few. Our artistic interests merge with architectural concepts in relation to how they evolve and interact in place and time. Structural principles and architectural scale form the framework of our complex assemblages.

“My father was an architect and one of the things I learned was never build without an architect.” – pbp

The virtual manifests itself in the realm of potential possibilities-

“– a realm of pure differences

that constitutes the conditions of emergence  –

Emergence itself lies between, or participates in

 both this realm, and that of the actual in which

virtuality expresses itself ” – Laura Cull

Our materials are rarely purchased as they often tend to be found or collected through time. With time, we allow these materials to meet us as we meet them carefully or unexpectedly mapping the terrain of our visual philosophy.

“As a child, Being an an artist intrigued me. I was attracted to the materials, to having a studio. It took me many years to know what an artist is and to become one.”


Photogrpahy by: Peter Frank Edwards & Jesse W. Akers & Patricia Boinest Potter &
John Reynolds