Patterns in Time

I feel the video flows smoothly almost subliminally from beginning to end outside the consciousness of time ” – John Reynolds ( filmmaker )


Majiq [ Pat] : “Morgan, what do you think a pattern is?

Morgan [ Pat’s Grandson *at age 3 ] : after thinking a bit… “Patterns are things that go on and on.”

Changing and evolving is the nature of the world. We mark incantations to these existential processes through patterns. Through overlapping patterns,  we make connections affirming our existence.

“By sensitizing people to significant pattern, capacity for insight is developed.” – Susan Waters-Ellers

The ALL is the BIG pattern or what Gilles Deleuze might call THE PLANE OF IMMANENCE, to be your part of the pattern is all we can be – not more than you are, but all that you are. 

“One of the key tenets Potter has taken from Deleuze is the idea that he encourages others to carry his concepts one step further. He believed in a multiplicity of qualities for all objects and images, as each represents a different moment of being. Potter is attempting to make a form of abstraction that is accessible to everyone everywhere.”

– curator Mark Sloan


WHAT is it to DWELL?

To lift something into attention in such a way as to inhabit the question.

        What is it To Construct John Rajchman’s

        “Virtual House”?

“It is a house that holds together the most, and the most complicated, ‘different possible worlds’ in the same container, allowing them to exist together along a constructed plane with no need of a pre-established harmony.”

– John Rajchman

Our stories, both personal and universal, approach an understanding beyond subliminal walls of “a house” and look into the dimensions of these worlds through the movement of an evolving and devolving mobius by way of becoming, being, and disappearing.

The virtual treehouse studio has been dissected into these three layers and reduced to a steel and glass structure titled “manifold”, accompanied by our works of visual philosophy and our books “FOG” and “ASH”, so that we may be able to traverse the multiplicity of these patterns in time and explore those spaces between.