There are many truths.
We each write our own
My first truth was my father 
My first lesson was trust.
Our house was always full
Of Love and laughter.
Love of each other
Love of movement
Love of acrobatics and
Love of beauty
Love of Art
Love of Architecture
Love of Animals
Love of Trees
Love of the World
Love of God.
Our house was always full
Of friends, family, and workers
from my father’s architecture firm Behind the house
Whoever happened to be there  at lunchtime
Came to the big house for lunch.
Clients, Carpenters, Contractors, Draughtsmen,
My sister and me.

My mother’s twin sisters
Lived with us 
Their boyfriends were around.
Adding to the fullness
Of love and laughter
My Father died when I was twelve. One of my many truths 
Is that Death is a part of Life.
There is a conscious energy that never dies
An energy imprinted by a 𝖫𝗂𝖿𝖾 
That passes into a multi-dimensional space
Layered with ours so that our beloved are always right here with us.
I learned early 
There are Many ways 
Of becoming
Of being, 
Of disappearing…
I learned later There are many layered dimensions
Of truth
Of reality 
Of life

“…and the greatest of these is love”


Mapping     Layering     (r)Evolving